7″ series coming soon

I released Resolutions last year, which is a full blown studio record with all the bells and whistles. I toured all over the world, playing the vast majority of the shows with just an acoustic guitar. People responded extremely positively to the record, but many folks asked if I would be releasing any versions of the songs the way I mostly performed them live, truly solo, just me and a guitar. It got me thinking that it would be cool to release stripped down versions of the songs with different arrangements and to put them out on a series of 7″s, and I figured it would be unique to have an array of my favorite labels put them out. I asked around to various friends and got things rolling, and went back in the studio to record 20 songs: all 10 tracks from Resolutions re-arranged, and 2 covers from each of the labels putting out a 7″, from artists in their catalogs.

Pete Steinkopf and I had a blast recording, and I’m looking forward to them coming out. Looks like Side One Dummy will release theirs first, on Record Store Day, and then each month a different label will put out another 7″, with artwork by Matt Hock (The Explosion), 5 releases in total. There are some strange covers and truly unique moments from those sessions, I’m looking forward to these songs seeing the light of day.

The press release:

Dave Hause’ Resolutions will be the first in a monthly series of 7″ releases on various independent labels. Hause, the front-man for Philadelphia based punk band The Loved Ones, is teaming up with Side One Dummy, Jade Tree, Chunksaah and Bridge Nine Records amongst others. Each release will feature Hause covering two songs from the respective label’s catalog as well as two alternate takes of Hause originals. Resolutions will feature covers of Audra Mae’s “The River” (From the 2010 release The Happiest Lamb) and Flogging Molly’s “Whistles The Wind” (From the 2004 release Within A Mile of Home.) Alternate versions of “Resolutions” and “Melanin” from Hause’ first full-length will also appear on the release. The pressing is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and 300 on white vinyl.