Hey folks.
First of all, I’m sorry for not keeping up to date with this website announcement thing. I’m sitting at my manager’s house in LA about to head over to the Troubadour for the 2nd of 2 shows there with Alkaline Trio, and he indicated to me that the last time I updated this website was April, much to my chagrin. Blame my Twitter account. It’s an instant way to communicate that takes 140 characters, whereas these updates take more careful consideration, attention to grammar, and more importantly, time. Ok, just blame me for being lazy and busy. So I’ll bring everyone up to speed, and then attempt to keep on top of this a bit better…

The east coast headlining run I did in April/May was a blast, I wrapped it up in NYC with a great final show and flew straight to California for a bunch of shows with Frank Turner which were extremely fun. Thanks to Frank for having me out and congrats to him on his great new record “England Take My Bones.”

I limped home from the shows with Frank for a minute before heading out west to do 3 midwestern shows with Tommy Stinson. This was particularly mind-blowing as Tommy is the current bass player for Guns N Roses AND Soul Asylum, but most importantly was the bass player in one of absolute favorite bands of all time, The Replacements. Tommy, his band and crew were great, much thanks and respect to them for the opportunity to play. I headed south to play KRAZY FEST, which was a blast as well. It was great to see and hang with Lucero, The Bouncing Souls, Ensign, and many other familiar faces for that wild day. I capped that weekend off playing an after show party in Detroit for the Hot Water Music show there, so needles to say that weekend was a hectic, fun, and exhausting. Looks like I’ll be back to the midwest in late September, look out for that announcement.

Next up was a flight to Portland, a house show there, and a fun strange trip to Sasquatch festival with Diplo and his crew. Diplo is famous for making that MIA record, but is a Philly guy who was kind enough to let me tag along to the festival he was playing outside Seattle. I got to see Sharon Jones and Dap Kings, Wilco and Best Coast that day, and had an overall lovely time. I woke up and headed into my beloved Canada for a week in the west of Canada with Tony Sly and Mikey Erg. Obviously I knew Mikey but had only met Tony briefly, but it all worked out and we had lovely time playing through western Canada. That drive from Vancouver to Edmonton is for sure in the top 10 most beautiful things a human can behold, and I always feel fortunate to be in that neck of the woods.

I flew out of Winnipeg to Toronto, checked out a tiny press show City & Colour did in Toronto and then met up with my dear friend Chuck Ragan for a week of eastern Canadian shows. What a blast. Chuck’s energy and work ethic knows no bounds, and we kept super busy as we raced around playing and singing every spare minute we could get. He stayed on to do a few Hot Water Music shows, and those guys convinced me to stay on and tune their guitars for them. IT didn’t take much convincing, I love Hot Water and Canada, and the plane ticket and cash in hand didn’t hurt either…Oh also, I ALMOST got robbed, check out that full story on my Treat Yourself BLOG. It’s worth the read, I’ve been told.

I headed home, cut the grass, said “hi” to everyone I’d be neglecting for the prior months (sorry family) and then headed up to Boston for a show opening for the Bouncing Souls. I got back to Philly just in time to catch Mariachi EL Bronx play, followed by The Bronx playing a BLISTERING set and then rested up for a few days.

All of this running around and carrying on took it’s toll, and suddenly I was under the weather. Viral bronchitis kicked my ass for a few days, but I rested up, ate lots of vegetables, drank no booze, and readied myself for New York City. The Bouncing Souls have been playing 4 night stands in various cities, playing all 8 of their records from start to finish, two records a night. They invited me to play the first night of their New York City stint at Highline Ballroom, and invited The Loved Ones to play the 3rd night (my favorite, the one where they play “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” and “Anchor’s Aweigh”). The 3 days in New York City were extremely inspiring, getting to spend time with many friends and taking part in those shows blew me away. The Loved Ones have only played one other show this year, and to see that many people go bananas for our songs and to get that outpouring of love really was incredible.

Speaking of The Loved Ones, we all sat down and made plans to busy ourselves with this 3rd record we’ve been promising, and then subsequent touring on the album. We are shooting to have the record out in the spring and we’ll tour all over the world just as soon as we release it. Keep your eyes peeled for that, the songs I have cooked up are some of the finest I’ve written, and it’ll be nice to turn up and play loud again.

Thant’s the 900 word nutshell of what I’ve been up to. I’m out on the west coast now with Alkaline Trio for a few shows, and then heading home for a break. Gotta recharge, work on these songs with The Loved Ones, and track some more solo songs. Lots more fall plans are in the works as I head out on Revival Tour, head through the US again, and release Resolutions on XTRA MILE records in the UK and Europe.

Again, I’ll try to update this thing more often, but if you have ADD and/or like Twitter, I do make more regular posts there, because it is, well, easier.
Thanks to all who have supported the touring and the record thus far, it’s overwhelming and there are too many of you to thank here, I’m already at 1050 words.
Treat yourselves, see ya in the pit.

Oh, here are some videos and links that will take you through the last few months of touring…
Dave Hause playing Meet Me At The Lanes for the first time ever at The Asbury Lanes
Frank Turner and Dave Hause cover Constructive Summer by The Hold Steady
Dave Hause at KRAZY FEST
Dave Hause and Mikey Erg cover The Weakerthan’s One Great City! in Winnipeg
Chuck Ragan and Dave Hause cover “Worry” by Northcote in Toronto
The Loved Ones Peform JANE at the Highline Ballroom in New York City