April 8 update…

Oh my

I really need to update the website more often, it’s just that I got so busy with touring (unfortunately without a laptop, any Apple whizzes out there that can help me fix my Powerbook? Email davehausemusic@gmail.com) that it became increasingly difficult to write updates.  That said, here we go…

The eastern Canadian tour I did in March with The Grey Kingdom was just fantastic.   Spencer is a great songwriter and really funny guy who puts on a tremendous show. His driving skills, however were horrific, due to the fact that he was busy texting all to often when he should’ve been focused on the road, so anxiety on this tour was at an all time high.  Much love to him, check his music out, and give him a ride, otherwise you’ll be petrified with fear if you let him take you around.  Thanks are in order to all of my Canadian buds and  everyone else who put on the shows and to everyone for coming out.  News on returning to Canada, eastern and western will be posted soon.

The shows in the middle of America were…well, strange.  Thanks to the folks who came out for some memorable nights, we played a bar with multiple elementary school children running around during the set in Lansing, we played a toy museum in St. Louis, a smoke filled bar in Oklahoma, and for some absolutely lovely people in Granbury Texas before heading to SXSW, which was the usual whirlwind of fun.   Check out my TREAT YOURSELF BLOG in the coming days for a full rundown of my SXSW experience, it was eventful to say the least.


Onward and upward…

I’m very fired up to kick off these east coast tourdates with Mikey Erg and Ian Graham.   The 6pm Philly show sold out almost a month ago, so we added another show at 9pm, which is almost sold out now as well.  Better jump on any advance tickets, especially in DC, Asbury Park and Boston as all of our bands have had great shows in all of those towns.  NYC is a punky vibe with no advance tickets, so just get there early to the Cake Shop.

I’m heading to California right after the east coast tour to play 3 shows with Frank Turner, hurry and get tickets to the San Francisco show before they’re gone as LA has already SOLD OUT!   I’m going to book a few more shows while I’m out there and going to do some recording, more on that later.


Ok, that’s it for now.  BIG touring announcements this week (UK, CANADA, EUROPE) and we’ll be premiering the video for “Time Will Tell” that Jason Shevchuk shot back in November as well as some other rad video content.   Stay tuned!